Maximize Square Footage in Your Home

05/12/22  |  Tracy Clennon

Maximize Square Footage in Your Home


Since 1970, prices in the housing market have multiplied more than 17 times what they originally were according to FRED.  With these sorts of recent developments, it’s no longer as easy as it once was to afford luxurious or even semi-luxurious spaces on an average US income. 


In times like these, homeowners are forced to get creative in maximizing their space to suit their needs, regardless of how large their property may be. In this article, we’ll cover one of the best and most common ways you can do this: by using the Swiss Army Knife principle. 


Let’s get started!



What is the Swiss Army Knife Principle? 

We’ve all heard of Swiss Army Knives. These incredible items were built to give the user access to several different types of tools in one convenient little package. Whether you needed a screwdriver, pair of pliers, or an actual blade, the Swiss Army Knife was there to support you. 


Keeping with this idea, the Swiss Army Knife principle as it relates to real estate refers to the ability to give a room multiple different uses in order to maximize the utility of your available space. 


Confused? Let’s look at an example: 


Say you have a home that is a mere 500 square feet—about the size of an average apartment. With a house like this, it’s typical to have a single bedroom, one full bath, a kitchen, and a living room, but not much more than that. 


Now, let’s say that you work from home. You’re going to need somewhere to treat as your office, and working from the kitchen table simply isn’t going to do it. So, you might use the Swiss Army Knife principle to combine your bedroom with an office, installing a desk that can fold into and out of the wall so that it’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t. 

This is a very basic example of what one can do using this principle, as there are so many more options depending on what type of home you have and how creative you can get. 


How Can Swiss Army Knife Spaces Benefit Me? 

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Swiss Army Knife spaces can provide a host of advantages in regards to a small home. 


For buyers, these spaces can mean getting everything you need in a living space without compromising your budget. For sellers, having multi-use areas can demonstrate your home’s utility to your buyer, increasing the overall value and leading to a faster sell overall! 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of who you are, Swiss Army Knife spaces are exactly what you need to turn an unfavorable space into a highly-efficient masterpiece. 

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